Top 7 Karnataka Sweet Dishes |2021|

Top 7 Karnataka Sweet Dishes Nearly everyone likes to binge on candy, and those with sweet-tooth in particular want much on desserts. After having meals, everyone needs a little slice of sweetness. You can expect Karnataka, a famous region for sweet delicacy when you talk about sweets. Top 7 karnataka Sweet  Dishes plates have been … Read more

Top 7 sweet dishes of goa |2020|

Top 7 sweet dishes of goa |2020|               Hello everyone                  Welcome back to my new blog..!!! I hope you’ll are doing well.Today I’m going to tell you some of the famous and popular – Top 7 sweet dishes of goa |2020|.Adding some … Read more


TOP SWEETS OF GUJURAT |2020| Hello everyone, Welcome to my new blog….. SWEET LOVERS Gujurat is also famous for their tasty sweets.Here are some tasty and delicious TOP SWEETS OF GUJURAT |2020| 1.BASUNDI Basundi is nice thickened milk, flavored with cardamom and nutmeg, with the addition of dry fruits. This milk based delicious dessert is … Read more