10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka

10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka

India is a vast country with distinct geographical features, monuments, traditions, and even cuisines. Karnataka, an Indian state, has gradually become one of the most popular vacation spots for visitors from all over the country. If you are unfamiliar with Karnataka cuisine, you will be astonished to learn that it consists of a wide range of foods from the state’s various regions and groups. Though the state has a vast diversity of cuisines, one thing that all of them have in common is a fantastic taste. In addition, there are a variety of seafood selections accessible in various sections of the state. Here are 10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka.

10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka



Many homes and even hotels in Bangalore prepare this type of KurmaKurma which is eaten along side dosa, idli, puri and even steamed rice.it is prepared with the mixed combination of spices, coconut and vegetables.adjust the amount of spices and vegetables to your taste.

It taste great with poori, rava idli and set dosa, or plain rice. In every south indian home, sagu is ready almost every weekend. Briefly saagu could also be a coconut rich veg curry with combination of kind of vegetables and spices.

Try the saagu recipe with set dosa or poori. also enjoy your morning breakfast with masala tea.



It’s authentically made with coconut milk and rice flour. One also can try an equivalent recipe by substituting rice flour with whole flour or ragi flour. You’ll serve the Haalbai recipe warm or chilled, as a dessert after festive lunch or during evenings with TOP 10 KARNATAKA CUISINE tea.
Anyway, back to Sweet Pongal (Huggi) it’s pronounced Who-ggi. I really like that we will regulate the quantity of jaggery. this is often important if you’re mindful of your sugar intake. Raisins, coconut milk, and fresh grated coconut add their own sweetness to this dessert, so you really don’t need to go gaga and pour during a batch of jaggery into it.

The rice and dal play alright on the palate. The crunch of cashews, and therefore the wonderful fragrance of saffron strands increase the wow factor. it’s very easy to form , and this point , I used the moment Pot to form the dish. It saved me such a lot time and needless dish washing.



Kori gassi or Mangalorean chicken curry may be a delectable dish from the coastal area of Mangalore in southern Karnataka. The normal chicken gassi recipe combines succulent pieces of chicken during a delicious thick spicy curry with the flavours of creamy coconut milk, golden brown onions, a kori gassi masala paste made from roasted spices, and tangy tamarind.
In Kannada or within the Tulu language, kori means chicken and gassi is curry.
Kori gassi, or chicken gassi, or chicken kori rotti, may be a signature dish of the Bunt community of Mangalore. Mangalorean cuisine is justly famous for its sophisticated use of ground masala during a sort of dishes, starting from poultry to seafood. It excels in bringing out the simplest flavours of roasted spices and this culinary skill is clearly seen during this Mangalorean chicken curry recipe.

This fiery red kori gassi recipe marries the mild sweetness of coconut with a spread of spices and aromatics to make a dish with great depths of flavour.
Among the kori gassi ingredients, it’s the Karnataka byadgi chillies that give this kori gassi recipe its characteristic fiery orange colour. The chilli itself isn’t extremely popular , but it adds a stunning dark colour and enticing aroma to the dish.



Goli baje or Mangalore bajji may be a very tasty evening tea time snacks originated in Mangalore, Karnataka. These are prepared using Maida flour, curd and few spices of choice.

All ingredients are mixed together, fermented for few hours and deep fried within the oil.
And surprisingly these goli bajes also are called by name Mysore bonda in southern states of India. First time once I heard the name mysore bonda i used to be so amused and eventually I could come to a conclusion.

The Karnataka state was called by name Mysore long ego and should be thats why the name mysore bonda for goli baje.
Any way hatsoff to the inventor because goli bajes are so tasty. I even have never seen anyone disliking golibaje or mangalore bajji.

Goli baje or mangalore bajji do require few hours of fermentation for better taste and texture but still you’ll skip this.




Chiroti is extremely popular in Karnataka. It is ready on special occasions and event. It may be a traditional sweet recipe from Karnataka, this is often an Indian puff pastry.

This is additionally prepared in Maharashtra and few parts of Andhra Pradesh . it’s also known by other names like Pheni or peni.

This dish is additionally prepared with only fine rava in few of the places in South India. Here it’s prepared using mainly maida or all purpose flour, chiroti or fine rava, ghee and rice flour. Its mainly served with sweetened milk preferably badam milk and granulated sugar . These are prepared mainly during festive seasons or any special occasions.


10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka

It is pretty famous in Mangalore as our town is additionally home to many Kodavas (native people of Kodagu) who usually come to Mangalore for his or her education. While we didn’t have easy access to the recipe a few years ago, today if you wish to make it, many stores sell ready spice blends that help you make this dish in a jiffy.

All you would like is sweet quality pork with fat as fat is what helps lend this dish its amazing flavour along side the rich flavour of the spices.Coorg Style Pandi Curry is a specialty pork dish of Coorgi Cuisine. Spicy, rich and flavorful pork dish is exclusive and special with the distinct flavor of Kachampuli extract.

This extract is peculiar to the region and the tribal folks have mastered the art. Coorg Style Pandi (Pork) Curry is that the most beautiful way of relishing pork. Coorg is a district in Karnataka and you will find a lot many special dishes having its origin here.


10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka

It is made up of jola da hittu or jowar ka atta or bajra flour in north karnataka and in maharashtra it’s very fashionable . It’s often eaten with ennegayi recipe otherwise you can even try the jolada rotti with dry garlic chutney.
jowar flour roti is ready using jowar flour, water and salt. Jolada rotti or jowar roti is extremely popular flat bread in North Karnataka. This roti with 2 – 3 sorts of curry is extremely common in most of the North Karnataka houses.
We all know that jolada rotti recipe is extremely simple but making proper rotti or roti is small tricky and requires a touch of experience. But after reading this post you’ll never find it tricky.

It’s as easy as preparing chapathis. you’ll serve jolada rotti along side curries like badanekayi ennegayi (stuffed brinjal), zunka (gram flour curry) and menthe palle (methi dal).

Jola / Jowar / Sorghum may be a high-protein, cholesterol-free and it’s the source of essential nutrients like fiber, iron, phosphorus.  Additionally, it is gluten free.


10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka

These are simple and easy Indian sweet. They are crispy, delicious laddu recipe can be prepared for any festival or as snacks for kids.
Puffed rice is called as puri or mandakki in kannada and mur-mura in few parts of India.Puri unde is refined sugar free ashtami laddu.

Puri unde are traditional balls made of puffed rice or puri, roasted peanuts, roasted gram, dry coconut pieces and sweetened with jaggery Murmura laddus are easiest and quick laddus that can be made and stored in airtight container and served when required.



One among the favored meal within the agricultural areas of karnataka and tamilnadu is typically consumed and served with saaru or bassaru.

One of the healthiest and clean food which is crammed with multi nutrients and hence it’s typically consumed by hardworking farmers.

Ragi mudde, is typically consumed with thin rasam mentioned as bassaru, or uppesru which is typically prepared with bunch of fresh leafy vegetables and from the decanted water, which remains after steaming lentils.


10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka

It is prepared with paneer and milk with a unique dark brown colour as compared to the creamy white colour to the traditional mawa or khoya peda.

Moreover, dharwad peda recipe is rolled on sugar crystal before serving making it very unique.Dharwad along with its twin city Hubbali (Hubli) is the second largest urban agglomeration in Karnataka.

Dharwad peda is a trademark and a well protected sweet recipe from the beautiful land of Dharwad, Karnataka.having grown up in Dharwad..a small sleepy town  ( as it is usually described )  in North Karnataka Dhrwad peda is the first love for me and all Dharwadians can swear by it…

Peda boxes are  piled high marked “Dharwad’s Original And Famous Line Bazar’s Babusingh Thakur Pedha”.

So today I showed you- 10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka

I hope you loved it…

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10 Different Cuisines of Karnataka


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