Famous Food of Odisha That Satisfies Your Taste Buds 2022

Famous Food of Odisha That Satisfies Your Taste Buds 2022

Odisha has a distinct cooking technique that is both basic and distinct, making it a popular culinary tourism destination in eastern India. Odisha is a rice-producing state with fertile plains and humid temperature conditions. As a result, the state’s cuisine is predominantly rice-based. In comparison to the cuisines of other Indian states, Odiya cuisine uses a variety of locally obtained vegetables, grains, pulses, dairy products, and seafood, as well as fewer spices and oil. Despite this, the recipes and cuisine are full of delicious flavours and fragrances. Here are Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds must try.

Khechidi, a rice, lentil, and ghee dish; Palau, a vegetable, dried fruit, and spice dish; and sweet rice dish are all famous rice dishes in Odisha.
Ghee rice, Kanika made with dry fruits and ghee, and Pakhala, a moistened rice dish served with curd and stir-fried veggies. The vegetable and spice-laden Dalma, the straightforward and uncomplicated Dali with a spicy tadka, and the delectable and flavorful Besara, which contains vegetables, lentils, amaranthus, mustard paste, and badi as its main ingredients, are just a few of the mouthwatering lentil meals.

Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds


Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds

Khechadi, as a result of it’s understood in different states, is also a straightforward however nutritive dish. one in all the foremost outstanding foods in Odisha is Odisha Khechadi, that is served as a result of the first bhog to Lord Jagannath at the Puri Temple. It is a definite and delectable flavour because of the right mix of rice and lentils saute along in clarified butter. This hearty dinner not solely tastes glorious however additionally provides plenty of nourishment.

This delectable dish, gently seasoned and often served with curd and papad, is definite to create you salivate. This meal, that comes throughout a kind of flavours, is that the most popular providing in Odisha temples.

Chungdi Malai

As the name implies, this meal is all a number of delectable creamy prawn curry, with the creamy part returning from coconut milk. This delicious dish’s richness and sleekness square measure increased with lightweight and delicate spices that gives it an exact flavour. fully delectable, delectable, and flavorful! This delicacy, that is best served with steaming basmati rice, is also a must-try for anyone visiting Odisha.
Chungdi Malai is beyond any doubt the state’s most delectable food plate. a rich and thick prawn curry is served throughout this non-vegetarian dish. the foremost components that offer this meal its bitter and creamy flavour square measure spices and coconut milk.


Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds

Dalma could be a ancient lentil dish from Odisha. This delectable Odisha meal additionally incorporates veggies and spices that provides it a savoury flavour the same as Sambhar. It contains no onion or garlic and is roast with cooked moong metric capacity unit. A cup of vegetables and a couple of common spices area unit extra to relinquish it a mouthwatering flavour. Pumpkin, plantain, yam, and papaya area unit common vegetables that improve your general health. This finger-licking dinner, that is usually served with rice, can over satisfy your hunger.
The dalma is aromatic and healthful, with associate aromatic tempering of panch phoron and coconut shavings seasoned in clarified butter. It’s roast with toor (arhar) metric capacity unit and a range of veggies, as well as raw banana, inexperienced papaya, pumpkins, simmered during a special spice mix and eggplant


Pitha, a sort of rice cake composed of wheat or rice flour and packed with various savoury and sweet components, is a must-have delicacy in Oriya cuisine. This delicious delicacy from Odisha is a must-have for festivals and special occasions, with over ten variations. A protein-rich and spicy filling is simply put into dumplings called pithas. Pithas come in a variety of flavours and are made with rice flour and dal.
This protein-rich snack is suitable for any occasion and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Pithas with Hari Dhaniya ki Chutney, Tomato Chutney, or Mint Chutney make a delicious appetiser or special dinner alternative. When you plop a complete dumpling in your mouth and delve into the delicious spicy filling, it can also fulfil your taste buds


Malpua, a little deep-fried pancake soaked in a sweet syrup and served hot, is one of India’s oldest traditional desserts. It is one of the region’s most popular dishes, and it is presented to Lord Jagannath of Puri. Malpua is a North Indian delicacy consisting of sugar syrup-coated pancakes cooked with all-purpose flour, curd (yoghurt), spices, khoya (dried milk solids), and almonds.
Malpua is a popular dish served at festivals and other events, as well as as a street meal. These syrup-dipped pancakes are a great treat, especially when served with Rabri! Soft and fluffy on the inside, crisp and lacy on the outside, these syrup-dipped pancakes are a true delight – especially when served with Rabri!

Aloo dum/ Dahi vada

Dahi vada Dahi vada and Aloo dum ar 2 a lot of widespread street foods in Odisha once gup chup. though you exit at five a.m., you will see thela walas with their giant pots of dahi vada and smaller pots of aloo dum. whereas dahi vada and aloo dum ar thought-about 2 freelance cuisines elsewhere, Odisha offers a singular combination of the 2. The delicious style of dahi vadas balances out the spiciness of aloo dum, making a flavour that each Odia craves.
This meal, conjointly called Cuttack’s ‘Vada Pav,’ has beyond question found its manner into people’s hearts and daily lives.

Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds

Macha Ghanta

Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds

The celebrated Odisha fish dishes ar unbelievably widespread in Odisha, and none ar a lot of widespread than Macha Ghanta, that may be a favorite of each Odiya! This delectable stew, that consists of the cooked head of the fish and is served with hot steamed rice and dish, may be a must-offer to Durga Maa on Dussehra. The curry may be a wealthy mix of onions, potatoes, garlic and also the typical spices.
Vegetarians will produce a basic ‘Ghanta’ while not the fish. this is often a dish that has no equal in spite of wherever you’re, and it’ll compel you to eat it once more and once more until you allow Odisha.

Bhata Pakhala

During the summer, Pakhala Bhata is much each household’s daily lunch in Odisha. It’s created by soaking broiled rice in water and adding bitter curd to the combo. Served with potatoes, fried fish, papad, and Badi choora, a dried and nut-like urad and black metric weight unit that’s usually left nightlong.

This soured rice could be a good way to beat the warmth and feel rested from the within out. All Odias celebrate Pakhala Dibasa (Universal Pakhala Day) on March twentieth to welcome the summer season with ancient Odisha cooking. This delectable dish could be a must-try.

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Chhena Poda

Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds

Odisha’s cheesecake, to be exact! Odisha’s most noted sweet, Chhena Poda, is additionally called Lord Jagannath’s favorite sweet and is usually served to him at the Puri Temple. The lingering flavour of burnt pot cheese and flour mixed with syrup will definitely blow your head.

The caramelised sugar provides out the peculiar flavour of Chhena Poda, that is baked for many hours till it turns red. This formula is easy, easy, and really tasty, and it is found in much each nook and cranny.


A deep-fried or cooked vegetable curry, this ancient Oriya meal slurps down your tongue with each containerful. The culinary art, that contains raw papaya, potato, tomato, and aubergine, is adore the other nourishing food. The instruction is most generally consumed for a healthy diet as a result of it’s low in spices and high in greens. For additional flavour, the dish may be gently cooked with milk and spices.

Chaatu Rai

Chaatu Rai, conjointly referred to as Chaatu Besara, could be a healthy vegetable dish in style in state. Turmeric powder and tomato, together with a bunch of mushrooms cooked during a sour, tasty sauce, enhance the flavour. The meal, that is usually ready for special occasions, is in style not simply in Oriya however conjointly throughout Asian nation.

Kadali Manja

This delectable banana stem curry, seasoned with garlic cloves, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, and 2 red chilies, is that the ideal accompaniment to any meal. The fragrance of stir-fried banana stems with coriander leaves as seasoning fills you jubilantly that lasts till the flavour fades.

Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds

The state is known for its wonderful curries, such as Chaatu rai (mushroom and mustard curry), Kadali manja rai (banana plant stem and mustard curry), and Alu potala rosa (potato and pointed gourd curry). Santula is a vegetable stew made with onion, garlic, and green chilies in a skillet. Amba khatta, Khajuri khata, Ouu khatta, Amba khatta, dhania-patra, pudina-patra chutneys and Ouu khatta are some of the state’s well-known chutneys used as condiments in Odishan cuisine.
Dahi baigana, a curd and brinjal dish, is a delicious side dish with a tangy, flavorful, and sweet-sour flavour. When it comes to desserts, Odisha has them all, from cheese-based Chhena Poda to Chhena Jhili to Rasamalai to Chhena Gaja.Pheni made with flour, Jilapi, Malpua, and Kheera Gaja, to name a few. Poda Pitha, Arisha Pitha, Manda Pitha, Puri Pitha, Chakuli Pitha, and other indigenous cakes are popular in Odisha. There were Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds


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Famous food of Odisha that satisfies your taste buds

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