10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha |2022|

10 popular sweet dishes of Odisha |2022|

India is a diversified country with many different cultures coexisting, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of each. Due to the enormous number of foodies in our country, there is always a desire for novel foods. And in a country like ours, this desire is never overwhelming. There is a broad variety of food accessible in our country, ranging from Tandoori foods in the north to spicy dishes in the south; from mouthwatering sweet dishes in the east to savoury things in the west. Here are 10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha.

If you have a sweet addiction but have only tried Bengali sweets rather than Odisha sweet foods, you are losing out on a lot of delicious treats. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Odia sweet dishes? Rasagolas? According to legend, Lord Jaganath made this delicacy himself to persuade his enraged wife Maa Lakshmi, who was furious that he had gone to the automobile show with his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra.

10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha

1.Chhena Poda

10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha

Chenna poda, or baked cottage cheese, is one of Odisha’s most well-known delicacies. Cottage cheese, jaggery, rice flour, milk, ghee, and a variety of dried fruits are used to make it. This delectable dish is made using a traditional baking procedure that includes the use of sal leaves to enhance the flavour.

2.Chhena Gajaa

10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha

Another popular Odia sweet is Chenna gajja, which is made with cottage cheese, jaggery, or sugar. This dessert is made with kneaded chhena that is cooked before being fried until golden. Before serving, the deep-fried chhena balls are dipped in sugar syrup and generously covered.


10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha

Lord Jagannath’s rich heritage and gastronomic traditions include Khajaa. Sukhila Prasad, or dry prasad, is a sweet dish offered inside the Puri temple as part of the Chapana bhoga. These are sugar-coated puffs that are deep-fried and served as a complement to evening tea.


Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha

You’ve probably observed that Odisha’s food culture is dominated by cottage cheese, or chenna. Rasabali is no exception; these are deep-fried chhenna pancakes soaked in a creamy rabri with a tinge of saffron within.

5.Chenna jalebi

Sweet Dishes of Odisha

The Odia variant of the popular North Indian dessert is chhena jalebi. The main difference between the two is that Odisha’s jalebi is made with cottage cheese, which gives it a softer texture than standard jalebi.

10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha

6.Kheera gaja

Sweet Dishes of Odisha

Kheera gaja is another wicked pleasure that is popular throughout Odisha. Its main ingredient is khoya, which is drenched in sugar syrup after being deep-fried in ghee. When you first bite into one, you’ll notice that it’s crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. Also, these have a juicy texture that you will adore.

7.Kheer Sagar

The literal translation of Kheer Sagar is “ocean of milk,” which is accurate. These have a similar appearance to rasmalai but a different flavour and texture. Small chhena balls are steeped in a thick, sweetened milk with a dash of cardamom and saffron flavour.

8.Arisa pitha

10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha

Arisa pitha is a crispy sweet treat made with hand-ground rice flour, nutritious jaggery, and sesame seeds on top. Every Odia festival is incomplete without this classic pancake.

9.Odisha’s Rasagola

10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha

The famed eastern dessert has a long and illustrious history. Rasagola is supposed to have a major role in Odisha’s legacy and is linked to the world-famous Rath Yatra, according to legend. On the last day of the holy car-festival, Lord Jagannath offers rasagolla to goddess Lakshmi in order to re-enter the temple with his brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Lord Subhadra. This delectable treat has been a part of Lord Jagannath’s bhog since the beginning of time.

10.Odisha has won a beautiful triumph.

All’s well that ends well, as they say, and this was certainly true in the long-running struggle over ‘Rasagola’ between West Bengal and Odisha. Odisha acquired the geographical indication (GI) marking for the famous eastern sweet, putting an end to the debate over the delectable confection. Cottage cheese is used to make Odisha rasagola, which has its particular colour and texture. Chena is simmered in sugar syrup until it becomes soft and delicious. Its peculiar colour is attributable to caramelised sugar and a particular cooking procedure that results in a delectable delicacy.

The Odia Rasagolas (also known as Kheera Mohana) were referenced in the late 15th century Odia Ramayana by Balaram Das, and received their GI tag in the Geographical Indication Registry in 2019. This sweet delicacy has been served to Lord Jagannath as a Bhog for ages by Odias all across the world. Rasagola is well-known in Puri, Salepur, and Pahala, although Rasagola from each of these locations tastes distinct. This were 10 Popular Sweet Dishes of Odisha.


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