Hello everyone..Welcome back to tastybitess and my new blog post ..Today im going to show you some of the famous, tasty and delicious GUJURATI dishes..Here are TOP 10 GUJURATI CUISINE |2020|


1. Locho

If you’re someone who is looking to possess tasty and healthy snack, then this snack might be your preference. locha makes use of minimal oil in it. It is a eaten as snack which is soft and subtle in texture. Experience the softness of locho with crunch of sev by giving a attempt to this snack soon. A steam boiled street food may be a desire of the many evening lovers. Served with green chutney and Sev would compel you to relish the instant .

2. Handva

A Gujju would never deny the Handva offered to him/her weather it be breakfast, lunch. or dinner. Handva, it has its own uniqueness which makes it appear and tastes differently than its ascendant Dhokla. Handva, one layered thick bread is cooked either in pressure cookers or Handva cookers (yes, we’ve specially designed cookers for it here!) after applying a tadka of oil, mustard, cumin seeds, and curry leaves. Guard, peas, garlic, ginger, green chillies and coriander are the best ingredients when added and makes an excellent combination when served with pickle. We know, the ingredients itself are lip-smacking.

3. Patra

Colcocasia leaves with the mixture of gram flour and spices increase the great health. This leaves are easily available and it adds not only an addition to the nutrients count but also a simple recipe without leaving a dent in your pocket.



kadhi is made from yogurt, butter milk, gram flour/maize flour, garlic, ginger, green chillies, black pepper, clove, asafoetida and dry Fenugreek are the ingredients that make this delicious dish. It is often served as a best liquid mixer along side Khichdi, Rice, Chappati or Thepla.


Undhiyu, a regional Gujarati dish prepared during the famous kite festival of Gujarat may be a very fashionable dish. An amalgam oare different vegetables stuffed with some spices and then dry fruit is dipped in oil and just makes you forget everything and force you to watch the amazing kite competition with Undhiyu to savour.

6. Matla Undhiyu

Health conscious people should do this a minimum of once and truly should learn the recipe. MatlaUndhiyu, a member of the Undhiyu family may be a delicious dish full of roasted ground nuts, ginger-garlic paste and spices is well cooked in an inverted hot pot. This traditional dish is a Gujarati Barbeque and its more healthy and appetizing.

7. Sev Tameta nu Shaak

Limited time? Not to worry, a simple, healthy and quick recipe would just assist you for your hunger wars! A typical tomato Indian curry made from tomatoes and onion garnished with green coriander and a Gujarati snack- Sev (deep fried snack made from gram flour). This is a tempting, and delicious dish that will burst out more hunger cramps in your stomach for sure, so why to wait?

8. Khichdi

A bowl filled with nutritious food made from rice, cereals, vegetables and ghee is what you’ve got for a Gujarati Khichdi. This twice every week cooked food during a Guajarati home is often served with butter milk or Kadhi. One should often have Khichdi after having deep fried and high calorie food.

9. Khandvi

Khandvi may be a popular Gujarati snack among people that love light flavoured dishes instead of spicy food. It is again made up of the widely chosen gram flour and curd. You can have it because it is or are often enjoyed with different chutneys made from green chillies or dates. A single piece of Khandvi, dipped in Green chilli-garlic chutney would just cause you to want to eat more and more!

10. Fafda

its a crunchy street food called Fafda .It is nearly available in every corners of cities in Gujarat. It is served with hot fried green chillies and Jalebi making it an excellent mishmash for a foodie. Fafda and green chillies increase the flavour of spicy tart while Jalebi would surely pamper the sweet tooth!

This were TOP 10 GUJURATI CUISINE |2020|

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