Hello guys,My name is Yogini Pawar.This is my first blog where I’m going to tell you about “Top 10 street food in mumbai”.


It may be a fairly recent invention within the foodie cosmos of Mumbai.It is cheap, easy-to-make and convenient to eat.
 Vada is formed of potatoes that are boiled and Wash the potatoes thoroughly Cut the potatoes in small slices and cook them in the cooking pot with oil, spices, and salt.

There are many cult vada pav stalls in Mumbai, and it’s a never-ending debate on which is that the best one among all of them . a number of the foremost iconic ones are outside Dadar’s Kirti College, Vile Parle’s Shivaji Vada Pav.

Tell us which is your favourite vada pav joint within the city in comments section below!


It goes without saying, that if you come to Mumbai, you want to have the Misal Pav here. Like Vada Pav, Misal Pav is extremely popular among the locals.
What’s . Tomatoes :
Tomatoes are a strong antioxidant, super rich in vitamin C , good for heart
There are some really spicy misal just like the Kolhapuri misal. Misal pav are often had as a breakfast, snack or as a brunch. Its a delicious and wholesome meal, especially if the pav (buns) is formed from flour


The Bombay Sandwich may be a must-try treat with the road , a mixture of very unlikely ingredients. It consists of three buttered light bread slices with slices of beetroot, boiled potatoes, cucumbers, onion rings, and mint chutney between them. The sandwich  comes with a toasted variant.
the uniqueness of sandwich toast recipe is ready with the mixture of aloo masala served with a topping of fine sev..
Some people like better to eat it as a snack within the evening.  

 Deep fried  with a spicy patato and pices filling are sandwiched between ladi pav and flavoured with chutneys. And now it has became savvy to grill the samosa pav a Little and serve it hot.
The crisp outer crush the samosa entices the dinner to have one more and perhaps have more….
 samosa tastes amazing and delicious!!!!!


 If you shop around the town , you’ll see lot more beautiful places especially the food boths like Juhu Chowpatty’s most deserving candidate ‘Pani puri’–Stuffed with boiled potato, chat masala, some boiled chole with khata meeta pani inside the small size of crispy fried puri, topping with namkeen snack sav. Mumbai’s pani puri has its own identity, a touch different from Delhi’s golgappa or Kolkata’s Puchka.,
Who doesn’t love mumbai roadside pani-puri?? From kids to elderly people everyone’s love, to eat pani-puri
It is delight to observe the seller skilfully punch a small hole in each puri , thereafter adding the sensation and dipping into meetha chatney and tikha pani
You must try some hottest mumbai street snacks like shev puri,ragda pattice.


a world-famous nutriment dish or perhaps the king of the road food from the western state of maharashtra Pav means diner rolls . they’re slathered with butter and cooked on a pan until warm .
If you’re in Mumbai confirm you eat Pav Bhaji at Amar , Sardar and Juhu beach stalls. you’ll sneak in a lot of veggies in one dish especially for the fussy eaters.If you are roaming hungry and looking for street food in Mumbai at night, then you will find at least one Pav bhaji stall open late in the night in your area where you can kill your hunger pangs.


Ever dreamt of juicy, succulent kebabs making their way to your plate? If you’re all about running to a place so that you can have a piping hot plate of kebabs with chutney and onion ring.

Then you must try the stalls like Idris Kebab And Rolls in Cuffe Parade,

Sarvi Restaurant in Byculla, Nawab Seekh Paratha in Kurla, Nice Fast Food, Santacruz
They have a variety of dishes for you to indulge in, like their mutton and chicken seekh kebabs, khiri tikkas, kalamiri tikkas, malai tikkas and boti kebabs. The meat is tender and flavorsome. These delicious are served with wholewheat rotis.  The food is priced reasonably .The roti has its own unique flavor, which we believe is due to the dough being kneaded in milk or cream.
Must try this kebab.


Craving for some generously stuffed street-side masala dosas?
There are more than 20 types of dosa available in many street stalls like , babulnath dosa center,Manju dosa, Anad stall in vile parle.,
The base of the dosa is crunchy, and is garnished with a hot and spicy red chutney. After a generous amount of filling is wrapped with the dosa, it is cut into two pieces, for you to be able to eat properly. Vile Parle, make sure you get yourself some pizza dosa from Anand Stall.
These are the best and the most delicious dosas in the city. 
Tell us your favourite in the comments below.


Love Punjabi food?
Or are you just a homesick Punjabi? Or do you simply want a comfort Indian meal?
Check out these stalls like guru kripa,chawla fast food, oye kale,cream centre,Shree chole bhature, Manjeet Chole Puri Wala that serves delicious chhole bhature in town.
This place is all about devouring plates of chhole bhature.Small and unassuming, this dhaba-like eatery is pocket-friendly, and a great option for breakfast or lunch.
what we’re about to say- that chole bhature is goddamn delicious. With a drool-worthy name, excellent service and even better food.
If you’re in the mood for authentic chole bhature (or any other authentic Indian food) please pay this legendary restaurant a visit.


Tangy and yummy – Dabeli ! This popular Indian street food is just the simplest . And it’s very easy to form reception . Mashed potatoes are infused with spicy dabeli masala and served with myriad of delicious toppings. All this gets stuffed in buttered buns or pav. Results are finger licking delicious Indian Chaat that’s simply da BEST !!
Dabeli !!
It’s a celebration for your taste buds with all the amazing and explosive flavors ! Exotic yet easy , you’ll love this!!!
So,today I showed you “Top 10 street food in mumbai”.

Let me know your favourite street food from TOP 10 STREET FOOD IN MUMBAI .In the comments!!!




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