TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani – Must try

TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani – Must try

 The land of spices, has contributed immensely to the numerous flavors of the biryani, the traditional Persian or Arabian biryanis are quite subtle. TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani – Must try


 TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani - Must try

Biryani KALYANI nawabs were the fortkeepers of Nizam territory in KALYANI / Basavakalyani region(in present day Karnataka).

They had their official mansion in Hyderabad nearby CHARMINAR.And thus whenever someone visits the nizam court from Basavakalyani.They liked to stay there and were served with delicious Hyderabadi biryani as usual.
But in 1940’s , when the communist armed struggle in Hyderabad state against Nizam was in full swing, these nawabs couldn’t handle their lands and thus their fortunes dwindled.

In order to provide them biryani at cheaper price.The cooks in the mansion started using beaf meat(which was relatively cheaper) in biryani making. Being delicious and cheap, it soon became famous among common folkfore too and then started various Biryani points with KALYANI BIRYANI name boards to distinguish it from regular meat biryani.

And the legacy follows……..


 TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani - Must try

It is one among the famous biriyani recipes of South India which emerged during the Nawab of Arcot’s regime. Prepared mainly with Jeeraga Samba rice, both chicken and Mutton are used for this biryani.

It is cooked on wood firesfires and a special sort of short grain rice called seeraga samba rice (jeera samba rice) is employed ….

Ambur Biryani is typically served with Brinjal curry (Khattay Baigan) and Cumber Raitha, which makes your feast a pleasant one.
He brought what was once the food of the royals to the commoner by opening a restaurant in his hometown, Ambur.

Hasin’s son Khursheed then took over the business, which was then appropriated by his son Nazeer Ahmed. In all, the family nurtures a 110-year-old biryani.
The biriyani is well worth the name. it’s good. it’s quite crowded all the time so better to possess a while available .TOP 10 KARNATAKA CUISINE


 TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani - Must try

This Mughlai biryani is mild, lightly spiced, dum cooked & layered biryani made with rice, spices, mix veggies and dry fruits.

The biryani is layered also as dum cooked. Cooking biryani the way its ideally made, takes time and energy. But the results are always good and price the trouble and time. This Mughlai biryani is mild and on the sweeter side. the biryani also has nuts added in it.

Mughlai Biryani may be a treat straight from the kitchen of Mughal Emperors.

The Mughlai dish which is we all love nowadays came with the Mughals a really while back that they had very fine culinarians ,who did variations within the dishes consistent with their likings and that’s once they introduced Biryani to IndiaIndia.
Biryani may be a flavourful rice dish which is cooked with aromatic spices along side meats, fish/seafood or vegetables.

There are various techniques for
making a biryani and therefore the most used and flavorful technique is, Dum Biryani, where meat is marinated with aromatic and flavorful spices and curd. Cooked meat and rice are layered during a clay pot then dum for an hour approximately.


 TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani - Must try

Malabar Chicken Biryani is made by chicken masala with fluffy rice, crunchy fried onions (birista), nuts, dried fruits and ghee during an outsized pot.

This is often often then sealed and cooked slowly in steam (dum method) to urge this incredibly aromatic and toothsome chicken biryani that’s quite literally the items of legends.

Biryani, a mixed rice and meat dish is probably the foremost popular dish in Indian cuisine. There are innumerable variations and methods of cooking something as simple as a pot of biryaniThere won’t be the opposite dish that evokes the utmost amount passion and dedication within the hearts of Indians because the biryani. Everyone features a recipe that they swear by, and think is that the absolute best .
the Malabar Chicken Biryani holds a special place in my heart.
There won’t be the opposite dish that evokes the utmost amount passion and dedication within the hearts of Indians because the biryani.

The truth is that quite a bit like the vast and diverse Indian landscape, biryani recipes can vary vastly over state lines or even cities. to call just a few of , we’ve the Awadhi or Lucknawi biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Ambur biryani, Chettinad biryani, Calcutta/Bengali biryani, Sindhi biryani, and a personal favorite, the Malabar biryani or Kozhikodan biryani.

Opinions are also split along the lines of the favourite protein that goes within the biryani; whether it’s chicken (murgh), gosht (mutton or goat), machchi (fish) or beef.

Malabar biryani is rich with a liberal use of ghee and aromatic with a medley of spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg, to call a few of . Surprisingly, this biryani isn’t mouth-numbing “hot” but spicy during an excellent way . It doesn’t include red chilies, either whole or in powder form.

This deviation from a “typical” Indian recipe is what sets the Malabar biryani apart from the others.


 TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani - Must try

Bhatkali biryani is a special biryani savoured altogether parts of coastal Karnataka.

It is a vegetarian version“the famous biryani from the coastal town of Karnataka “– Bhatkal, with plant-protein – soy chunks. once we mention Indian biryani varieties, Hyderabadi biryani, Kolkata biryani, Lucknow biryani, Chettinadu biryani, and lots of other regional biryanis’ tops the chart, the Bhatkal sort of biryani from the coastal Karnataka is slowly finding its way therein chart.

This biryani is extremely subtle in its flavour and aroma with almost the distinct fragrance of fennel wafting through the grains


 TOP 5 Maharashtra Biryani – Must try

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