Top 7 Bihari Sweet Dish to Eat |Must try|

Bihari Sweet Dish to Eat |Must try|

Bihar’s gastronomy is a fusion of three sub-regional cuisines: Maithali, Magahi, and Bhojpuri. It is a melting pot of numerous cultures and influences. It is heavily influenced by the cooking techniques of India’s eastern and northern regions (particularly Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, respectively), and what appeals to us are the consistent flavours found in each dish! Although Bihari food is primarily seasonal, the great variety of delectable traditional desserts and sweet snacks is a year-round constant. Here are bihari sweet dish.

Top bihari sweet dish to eat


bihari sweet dish

Between Nalanda and and is a little town called Silao, which is known for Khaja, a sweet or salted patty-like food. Biharese people adore khaja, especially silao ka khaja. When his daughter visits their in-laws’ residence shortly after marriage, it is customary to offer her Khaja and other sweets (Bidai). Khaja is thought to be a 2000-year-old preparation, akin to the Ottoman Empire’s Baklava.

Wheat flour, sugar, and mawa are used to make this crispy treat, which is then deep fried in oil. This unusual Bihar dessert has a wafery texture and melts in your tongue. Belgrami, a version made with milk solids (a type of cheese), sugar, and ghee, is another option. It is a famous sweatmeat from Udwantnagar, which is located between Arrah and Buxar and is less sweet.


bihari sweet dish

Malpua is a traditional Bihari dish that is especially popular during the Holi festival. Malpua is created by combining maida, sugar, and banana in milk, followed by the addition of dry fruits like as almonds and raisins, and finally deep frying in desi ghee. Finally, dip the malpua in the sugar syrup and eat it hot.
The batter is made up of flour, milk, mashed bananas, and sugar, and it’s deep fried in ghee before being dipped in sugar syrup.

The crispy shell and soft centre melt in the mouth, making it a traditional Bihar delicacy. Malpua is also served with a thick Rabdi, which is the icing on the cake!


Top 7 Bihari Sweet Dish to Eat |Must try|

Khurma is additionally referred to as shakkarpara, it’s sweet snack consisting of flour and salt, deep fried in oil, and coated in syrup from Bihari cuisine. The sugar syrup cools and crystallises, creating a powedery texture on the outside. Another variation is Laktho, which is made using rice flour dough and a thick jaggery syrup. Both of them are quite delectable to eat.

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Top 7 Bihari Sweet Dish to Eat |Must try|

This lovely Bihari culinary item, which can be found all year, is made with rice flour and jaggery. Then it’s covered with sesame seeds and fried over medium heat until the ideal shade of red is achieved. Then, using a lemon-sized ball of rice flour dough, fill it with the khoya mixture, coat it with till, and fry it in desi ghee.Take a bite of an anarsa and enjoy the sweet treat that awaits!

5.Pantua Mithai

Bihari Sweet Dish to Eat |Must try|

Pantua is a type of Kala jamun that is popular in Bihar. The deep-fried delicacy is a popular addition to Bihar cuisine throughout Bengal! Pantuas, which are made from mawa, sugar, and milk, are elongated and have a somewhat firmer crust, but they’re still a terrific way to end your ideal Bihari lunch!


Top 7 Bihari Sweet Dish to Eat

Laung-latika is a traditional Bihar dessert that is served at festivities. Despite the fact that it is identical to other stuffed delicacies. This is another well-known Bihar sweet made from maida, khoya, and dry fruits. Take a lemon-sized dough and spread it out into a thin square sheet. Fill it with the khoya and dry fruit mixture, fold it in half, and stick one long on it. It is Deep fried in ghee, then it is dipped in sugar syrup and when served hot, it tastes great.

7.Dhahi Chura

Bihari Sweet Dish to Eat

Cool handmade curd with flattened rice, known in Bihar as chura and elsewhere in India as pooha or chiwra. It is a popular Bihar snack. On the Makar Sankranti festival in Bihar, people eat Dahi chura as a proper dinner. Dahi with sugar and chura; fresh fruits can be added for a more flavorful dish. It has a fantastic flavour.

Top bihari sweet dish to eat

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