Top 10 Famous Cuisine of Kerala

Top 10 Famous Cuisine of Kerala

Kerala is a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The Hindu community in Kerala historically consisted of vegetarians, but many incorporate poultry, beef and meat in their diet today. Today I’m going to share famous cuisine of kerala.

The Kerala cuisine is recognized for its copious use of exclusively regional spices, coconuts and veggies. The flavour range from hot to mild and sweet in this dish. Today I’m going to share Top 10 Famous Cuisine of Kerala

The proximity to the Arabian Sea was one of Kerala’s main benefits, both geographically and historically. Not only has there been a prosperous market but also fishing business due to the proximity to the sea. In the region, therefore, fresh fish are abundant. Kerala cuisine’s famous delights include fresh coconut oil and seafood, spicy and sweet currants, or just fried.


Kerala cuisine

Sadhya, a traditional Kerala supper, is served in a fresh plantain leaf with rice and 12-20 items. Without this traditional feast, Kerala’s most celebrated celebration, Onam, would be incomplete. The traditional rice is known as choru. The side dishes are collectively referred to as Kootan.

Other dishes served with kootan includes pickle, puli inji, pappadam, pazham, banana chips, buttermilk, and parippu (dal and ghee paste). The method and flavour of kootan are different. If you have never experienced a traditional Kerala sadhya, make sure to do so the next time you visit the state.

2.Banana Fritters

Top 10 cuisine of kerala

Fritters made with bananas. Serve warm with a spray of syrup or a glob of ice cream for a delicious crunchy treat! It’s also a terrific way to use up any extra or leftover bananas! Dessert that is really quick and simple to prepare.

The batter is light and crisp, and the banana is warm and soft, making this an excellent quick and easy dessert.
In a South-East Asian restaurant, you probably had banana fritters, usually served hot with syrup and dessert. Another name for this is Pisang Goreng, used in the cuisine of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It just refers to a battered and deep fried banana.

3.Kerala Style Fish Molee

Top 10 cuisine of kerala

Fish should be the most remarkable dish for a land surrounded by the sea. This Kerala cuisine has a unique flavour.  No matter what, lightly fried fish cooked in an earthen pot needs to taste excellent! It’s created with coconut milk and kokum, as well as spices including turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, and cloves, as well as fresh green chilies for a zesty flavour.

Typically, the fish is a kingfish or a seer fish. Nonetheless, it is certain to make you salivate.

Fish Molee is often called after a lady who changed a little more modest version of the curry of the fiery, spicy Kerala-style fish to suit British palates.
This curry is now a favourite family, and Fish Molee gives a pleasant change to a man such as me, who never loved fish curries.
The Fish Molly hue is somewhat yellowish. With the red chilli powder of your choice, you may balance the colour and taste.

4.Malabar Parota

Top 10 cuisine of kerala


This is a delightful street dinner from the Malabar coast. It’s a slender, crispy, crumbling texture which melts into your lips and leaves behind a sweet but delicious taste. Among people of all ages, this is a constant favourite!

It has a range of nutrients, including as protein, carbs and cholesterol. Instead of whole wheat flour, Parotta is made of all-intention meal / maid. While parotta’s specific origins are unknown, it is supposed to be based on Chinese Scallion pancakes using the same flatbread layers process.

5.Naadan Beef Fry

Kerala cuisine

Nadan Beef Fry was traditionally prepared and roasted slowly in claypot with adupu.
During festive gatherings and occasions, you can spot the dry beef fry meal. When good old friends visit, the dish is delicious as a snack. The dish is usually served, with appams, porotta and doses, as the main course dish.

You can alter the flavour, hot or mild according to your specification.This delectable Kerala culinary dish epitomises the state of Kerala. It will be quite tough to fall out of love with this venue and all it has to offer to its visitors due to the dish’s paralysing flavours. Curry leaves, ginger garlic paste, and mustard leaves are liberally applied to the meal.

6.Kerala Prawn Curry

Kerala cuisine

If you visit Kerala and don’t try the amazing prawn curry, your visit will be ruined. It’s incredible how simple ingredients in a recipe can combine to create something so lovely. The Kerala prawn curry is a delicious local celebration of seasonal seafood. The flavour balance is excellent. Tangy from the pot, creamy from the milk and very fiery with the mild use of chiles from the bird’s eye.

This prawn curry has distinctive flavours, which include some of the popular ingredients that can easily be found here, such as grated cocoa, cocoon milk, kudampuli (pot tamarind or tamarin malabar) and kanthari mulaku and cocoon oil.

This classic prawn dish is seasoned with chilli, salt, and pepper before being coated in coconut milk, jaggery, and curry leaves. The modest coconut (in all of its varieties) elevates the dish to a whole new level!

7.Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu


It’s impossible to go wrong with chicken fried! You fried a chicken, which is the most popular meat among 99 percent of the population! Who doesn’t enjoy fried foods? As a result, this variation of a chicken fry is out of this world and the chicken is fried with onions, garlic, chilli, vinegar, and coriander and it is served on a banana leaf. On your tongue, the hot flavour of this renowned Kerala cuisine item will leave you wanting more!


Top 10 kerala

Rice flour, water, and salt are the main ingredients in idiyappam. To make this kind of an appam, many strands of vermicelli are twisted together. This Kerala specialty can also be eaten with any dish and taste excellent, sometimes referred to as the noulappam!

Idiyappam normally comes with a number of lateral dishes such as curry peas, vegetable kurma, potatoes, egg or chicken curry. A dollop of ghee, broken coco and sugar or sweetened cocoa milk is another most popular method for serving Idiyappam. This combo is popular with kids.

10.Puttu and Kadala Curry

Top 10 cuisine of kerala

They are rich, delicious and incorporate a pool of regional spices that distinguish the kitchen. Kerala is known as ‘country of spices’ for the uninformed.

Puttu is a steamed rice cake with coconut shavings that is as charming as its name suggests. This is a popular breakfast meal as well as a staple food in Kerala. This taditional dish of Kerala is traditionally served with kadala curry, which is simply black chickpeas, but it are often eaten any way you like!

They are rich, delicious and incorporate a pool of regional spices that distinguish the kitchen. Kerala is known as ‘country of spices’ for the uninformed.
Kadala curry is primarily a gravy-dressed cuisine made with cooked black chana – a traditional dish from Kerala. Even while it looks quite similar to our ordinary Kala Chana sabzi, the flavorful preparation of spice and grated coconut makes kadala curry unusual.

You only need cooked black chana, coconut, red chilli, coriander, mustard seeds, onion and other products.

Top 10 Cuisine Of Keralafamous cuisine of kerala

Its history and its contact with numerous communities impact Kerala’s culinary culture significantly. Centuries of influences from abroad have helped Kerala establish a unique composite gastronomy. The religious borders among Malayalis are not restrictive to food and cuisine, and every specialty is loved with the same fervour. Kerala is not only a state, but a country of God! 

This were amazing Top 10 Famous Cuisine of Kerala also visit other cuisine


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