Top Famous Sweets of West Bengal 2022

Top Famous Sweets of West Bengal

West Bengal’s sweet tooth and cuisines are famed around the world for their exceptional taste and diversity. West Bengal is well-known for its diverse cultural heritage. Here are some of the top “Famous Sweets of West Bengal”.

Bengali ‘bhadralok’ are a cultured people who have always been enamoured with the better things in life, whether it’s literature, films, music, or cuisine. Bongs takes great satisfaction in their huge collection of scrumptious mishti, which includes Tagore and the Victoria Memorial. Sweetmeats are popular with people of all ages across the country and are an essential element of the excellent Bengali cuisine.

Famous Sweets of West Bengal

1.Mohan Bhog

Mohan Bhog may be a semolina-based sweet dish that’s widespread among fans of ancient Bengali sweets. This made and delicious honeylike sweet comes during a style of forms and sizes, and it is a nice gift for any occasion! This delicious Sooji Hindu deity Halwa is created at Bengali festivals or any special event, almost like the Kesari Bhath.

It’s straightforward to arrange, therefore you’ll build it as a daily course. Mohan Bhog may be a widespread Indian course that may be found in nearly each section of the country and is especially related to Bengali cooking. it’s ready on vital occasions within the family or at festivities. The Kesari Bhath, Sooji Hindu deity Halwa, and Sheera Recipes ar all extraordinarily almost like the Mohan Bhog. Lobongo Latika

2.Lobongo Latika

It may be a widespread favorite and a treat for any occasion. this glorious ancient confectionery is created with maida, khoya, nutmeg powder, grated coconut, ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamom, cloves, and sugar. The method the pastry is collapsed and sealed with a clove is de facto beautiful. Lobongo lotika may be a flaky packet crammed with kheer (sugared, reduced milk), sealed with a clove, deep-fried, and candied.

Lobongo lotika may be a flaky, deep-fried, sugar-syrup-coated pastry almost like mishti shingara and goja. It’s loaded with kheer, similar to the mishti singara. however it is the incontrovertible fact that the kheerenvelopes ar sealed with one clove that lends lobongo lotika its fancifully poetic name (lobongo).


A rod-shaped sweet coated in syrup, is one in every of the various styles of sweets on the market. It’s on the sweeter finish of the dimensions. Langcha is analogous to pantua in this it’s made up of a flour and khoya kheer mixture that’s deep cooked before being soaked in syrup. Shaktigarh, a town in state, is thought for manufacturing a number of India’s best langchas.

We recognise that renowned sweets aren’t only for those with a appetency as a result of they vary in sweetness, and if you do not sort of a heap of sweetness, you’ll decide for fewer sweet sweets like Sondesh, Chandrapuli, and others; all you’ve got to try and do is raise at the sweet store. renowned sweets in city ar a sweet tooth’s dream come back true, as you will find everything you are looking for.


It is at rock bottom of our list of renowned sweets as a result of we would like you to do everything else 1st, that is equally delicious. The preparation combination is created of cheese and sugar. it’ll style like intake a blob of cloud if you get the picture from the right place. As presently as you bite into it, it melts in your mouth.

In state, folks relish it spicy as a result of it enhances the flavour. If you would like to do one thing completely different, mango seasoned rosogolla, carbohydrate seasoned rosogolla, and strawberry seasoned rosogolla ar a number of the foremost widespread sweet foods.

Famous Sweets of West Bengal


The name chandrapuli refers to the moon. These sweets ar within the form of a crescent moon and ar dry. It’s created by combining mawa, kheer, dessicated coconut, and carbohydrate, then shaping it during a mould. Chandrapuli melts in your mouth promptly, nonetheless there ar still shards of coconut living to offer you a crunch. If you do not relish to a fault sweet desserts, stand back from this one.

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6.Mishti Doi

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete while not mentioning the extraordinarily ancient Bengali Mishti Interior Department. All festivals and important occasions ar marked by this lightweight and sweet mix of milk, yoghurt, and coarse refined sugar, that is soured nightlong. This lovely dessert’s refined sweetness can build your style buds sing “Hallelujah!” Misti Interior Department will invariably be found once lunch in any Bengali family.

It keep within the white goods to stay it chilled. Misti Interior Department kinded|is created} victimization simply milk and carbohydrate in its natural form. However, the modest Misti Interior Department has seen numerous changes in recent days. Another dish that may calm your abdomen is Bhapa Interior Department. These well-known sweets can cause you to wish a lot of and you’ll ne’er be happy.

7. Kheer Kadam

This confectionery is created by encasing a dry Rasgulla (smaller than the standard one) in kheer, that is then dusted with dried kheer. it’s named once the Kadamba (a globose flower with small white petals that time all told directions). The goal is to bite through the shell then surrender to the Rasgulla.

Ideally, you ought to eat the full dish and luxuriate in it. Mini rasgullas, grated khoya, and granulated sugar frame this exotic Bengali delicacy. It contains 2 layers of course heaven and is additionally referred to as Raskadam.


If you ever go to a puja in West Bengal, you would not be able to leave without receiving a Naru as Prasad. Naru refers to a variety of sweets made in the home by moms with love and devotion. Grated coconut, jaggery or sugar, cardamom, and a variety of other fragrant spices are combined over a flame and formed into small spheres. Naru is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Bengalis prepare ‘Narkel Naru’ in the same way that we North Indians make ‘Halwa’ to gift to God in many religious rituals. In West Bengal villages without local sweet stores, residents manufacture these ‘Naru‘ and serve them to their visitors. This is probably owing to the quantity of the major ingredients – coconut and jaggery – rather than a lack of choice. Naru is consumed as a religious offering during ‘Sankranti’ or ‘Saraswati Puja’ in towns and metros such as Kolkata, Dhanbad, and Asansol.


Famous Sweets of West Bengal

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