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Gujurat is also famous for their tasty sweets.Here are some tasty and delicious TOP SWEETS OF GUJURAT |2020|


Basundi is nice thickened milk, flavored with cardamom and nutmeg, with the addition of dry fruits. This milk based delicious dessert is popular within the western a part of India, specially within the states maharashtra and Gujarat.
It is basically thickened milk flavored with cardamom powder and saffron. it’s served on its own or with puri. Here is the way to make it reception . Basundi may be a rich Indian dessert made using milk which is reduced until it thickens then it’s further flavored with a couple of more ingredients.
This one is creamy and rich, which can surely satisfy your appetite . It are often served as a dessert after your meals or are often served to your guests once they come to go to you for festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc. it’s prepared popularly in Gujarati, Karnataka, and Maharashtrian households.


Shrikhand is a Gujarati sweet yogurt dish. It are often eaten by itself or as a part of a meal. i prefer it with pooris.

Low fat, rich and creamy Greek yogurt shrikhand is usually flavored with saffron, cardamom or diced fruits and served with masala puri or as a standalone dessert. This Gujarati style recipe uses saffron and cardamom powder to urge delicious and flavorful taste of a creamy dessert.
It is very fashionable in western Indian states of maharashtra and Gujarat. In both Maharashtrian and Gujarati weddings, shrikhand is served within the thali meal.
Shrikhand is formed from hung curd which is additionally referred to as ‘Chakka‘ in marathi language.


papdi is a popular dessert from Gujarat and is formed especially in winters to extend the body heat. Sukhdi, made with just a couple of ingredients, this is often a fast and straightforward dessert to form in under 20 minutes.

Gur Papdi or Gol Papdi because it called in Gujarat is additionally referred to as Sukhdi within the Sindhi cuisine. It is prepared mainly during the winter months to stay the body warm. The piece of it cannot hold well like burfi or kaju katli. Yes, it is that soft, so it will get break or fall apart very easily. This texture is because of the ghee. The more ghee you use, the more softer you will get.


It is Thin, smooth, melt within the mouth slices of cashew goodness.
The word ‘katli’ means ‘thin slices’.
it is a most wanted and loved Indian sweet. this indian sweet recipe is that the most economical in terms of calories and complexity of preparation compared to other indian sweets.
this barfi are often easily prepared in quarter-hour without much fuss and energy . moreover, this yummy sweet doesn’t require ghee unlike other traditional indian sweet. You must try this delicious sweet.


Ghari or Surti Ghari is a sweet Gujarati dish from Surat, Gujarat, India. It is formed of puri batter, pistachio, almond, cardamom , milk mawa, ghee and sugar to be consumed on Chandani Padva festival. there’s a history behind Ghari. It was prepared by the Devshankar Shukla for Tatya Tope to supply extra strength to the liberty fighter’s soldiers in 1857 on a full-of-the-moon day which is now celebrated as chandi padwa. However, it began to be consumed during inauspicious occasions also. Huge amount of gharis gets made in Surat during Chandi Padwa which may be a business , it helps many small and large vendor to form decent amount of cash during this festival time!


Doodhpak is a dessert dish, a sort of rice pudding made up of milk, rice, and nuts, amid pooris.
Doodh pak may be a rich and aromatic traditional Gujarati style rice pudding sweet dish. it’s Gluten-free, Eggless, Kid-friendly, and a Satvik dessert recipe. Kheer may be a little thick in consistency as compared to doodh pak. Traditionally, people make doodh pak during the Shraddh, Diwali festival (Kalichaudas/ Naraka Chaturdashi day), Navratri, Rakshabandhan, or Puja reception .
The Cardamom added towards the top to finish the royalroyal feel of this dish. you’ll also add saffron. But this point I didn’t desire to feature .
dish is garnished with chopped nuts and charoli.

This were some tasty and delicious TOP SWEETS OF GUJURAT |2020|

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